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Made by Midco Lubricants


Field Gun Lubricant- the Choice of Pro’s

  • Cleans and removes carbon, copper and powder residue
  • Lubricates moving parts while applying a protective film
  • Contains an anti-static coating unavailable in other gun cleaners while preventing oxidation from finger print damage.
  • Will not harm bluing, plastic or rubber grips.
  • Available in convenient Crush-proof soft wipe pocket pack, 1 ounce,2 oz, 4 ounce bottles or a handy pocket sprayer.
  • Used by Private Contractors, Military and Local Law Enforcement as well as civilian firearm owners.
  • Increases muzzle velocity.
  • Provides up to 90 days protection from exposure to the outdoor elements.
  • Safe ingredients are 85% Bio-Based and readily Biodegradable

Midco Lubricants, Rockford, IL 815-229-3150

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