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Lack of Quality Cost More!

Quality Cost, Lack of Quality Cost More!

         Midco products may cost more than bargain no name brands, but bargain brands can cost you a lot more than a few bucks.

I am always amazed at the customer that shops for price only. You have to consider quality and service along with price. This adds up to Value. Some Midco products may cost a little more, but are a far better value, plain and simple. One example is our 15w40 diesel motor oil. Our J410 is a CJ-4 specification motor oil for most modern diesel motors. It is a 10 TBN (total base number). Total base number is a measure of a lubricant‘s reserve alkalinity or a measure of a lubricants ability to neutralize acids caused by the use of high sulpher content fuels. This adds to a motor oil service life interval. This is only one function that Midco products excel in. Another is wear prevention. It is one thing to claim anti wear properties but proving it is another. Midco’s J410 exceeds any other formulation on the market. We have technology such as SYNERGISTIC POLYXORGANOBORATE POLYMER COMPOSITIONS “. Big words meaning BIG PERFORMANCE. These ingredients are combined together to perform outstanding SYNERGISTIC results. Synergistic, as used here, meaning the results of one or more additives  working together is higher than just the sum combined. Thus 1 +1 = 5 or something like that. Developing a formula containing additives that work better together than separately is an exhausting task. Midco has achieved that. The end results is a longer service life of the oil, less wear on internal parts, and reduction in exhaust emissions. Fuel economy is another small but beneficial bonus.

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