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Midco Diesel Maxx™J4-10


Midco Diesel Maxx™J-4 10                                 Part # J410


Product Description

Midco Diesel Maxx™J-410 engine oil is the latest and has been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of API Service Category CJ-4 used in 2007 and later model diesel engines running primarily on ultra low sulfur fuel and equipped with or without after treatment devices. Midco Diesel Maxx™J-4 10 is a technologically-advanced heavy-duty diesel engine oil, designed to provide extra protection against deposits and wear for engines operating in heavy duty service. Midco Diesel Maxx™J-4 10 is recommended for diesel engines requiring an engine oil meeting CJ-4, CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4 and CF with fuel saving benefits. It is also suitable for modern gasoline engines requiring SM oil as well as older gasoline engines requiring SL and SJ.

Midco Diesel Maxx™J-410 meets the requirements for ACEA E7and ACEA E9; Cat ECF-2 and ECF-3; Cummins 20081; DDC 93K214; DDC 93K215; DDC 93K218; Mack EO-O Premium Plus ‘07; Mack EO-M Plus; Mack EO-N Premium

Plus ’03; MAN 3275; Volvo VDS-3, Volvo VDS-4; Mercedes Benz MB p228.3 or p228.31; Renault RLD-3.

Innovative concepts have been incorporated into Midco Diesel Maxx™J-410 to provide efficient equipment operation and improved component durability.

Product at a Glance

Engine Oil- 10 TBN

Suitable for use in apps requiring CJ-4 and earlier and SM gasoline engines.

Meets or Exceeds:  Cummins CES 20081, Mack EO-O Premium Plus ‘07  Volvo VDS-4, Caterpillar ECF-2 and ECF-3


Product Features and Benefits

Carefully selected base oils designed for diesel engine service provide:

– reduced oil consumption

– improved control of engine wear through rapid oil flow on cold starts

– proper metal-to-metal separation during high temperature / high load operation.


Contains optimum dosage of active diesel detergents to keep internal engine parts clean and operating efficiently, “SYNERGISTIC POLYXORGANOBORATE POLYMER COMPOSITIONS ä”

Meets service requirements of mixed heavy-duty diesel fleets in addition to meeting the oil specifications for 2007 and later model diesel engines running on ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Suitable for use in SM applications satisfies gasoline engine service requirements.

The use of shear stable polymer results in resistance to in-service viscosity loss, providing excellent viscosity protection and reduced oil consumption under tough service conditions.

Reduces maintenance expense and compliance with engine manufacturer warranty service requirements.

Midco Diesel Maxx™J-410 composition has been designed to provide extended engine life.


Midco Lubricants, Rockford, IL. USA      815-229-3150

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