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Midco Heating Fuel Oil Additive


Midco Heating Fuel Oil Additive




Comfort Zone® 8912 is designed for year round use as part of an overall premium heating oil program. It prolongs the storage stability of heating oil and reduces fuel system corrosion. This is especially important during the summer since heat accelerates both fuel degradation and corrosion rates and fosters condensation build up in idle heating oil tanks. Comfort Zone® 8912 is formulated with a blend of dispersants, antioxidants, metal deactivators, radical terminators, and corrosion

inhibitors. It inhibits the various fuel degradation reactions common in heating oil, especially as the use of less stable, catalyically cracked blending components becomes more common. By retarding the natural degradation process and reducing the catalytic effect of any copper, bronze, or brass components in the fuel system, the “shelf life” of the heating oil is extended. This helps  protect the furnace from performance- robbing deposit formation. This product is composed entirely of ashless organic compounds.

Comfort Zone® 8912 helps control moisture build up all year long and supplements freeze up protection in the winter. However, it does not contain winter anti-gel for fuel gelling protection during cold climates (routinely < 32°F). For these conditions, use Comfort Zone® 8913. Comfort Zone® 8912 is safe for use in all heating oil systems. It should be added to the storage tank prior to topping the tank with fresh fuel to ensure a homogeneous additive/fuel mixture. As with any fuel additive, exercise care by handling Comfort Zone® 8912 in well ventilated  areas while wearing proper eye and skin protection. Refer to MSDS for specific


This product has been specially formulated for use in today’s modern home heating oil,diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends. Please contact your Midco Lubricant representative for more information.

Key Performance Benefits

•  Help keep nozzles clean for more efficient furnace operation, maximizing energy output from the fuel

•  Stabilize fuel and minimize sludge formation, which is often the cause of filter and nozzle plugging

•  Control fuel system corrosion, reducing the formation of rust and scale, which can damage fuel pumps and plug screens and               filter

•  Reduce water accumulation due to infiltration and condensation in heating oil storage tanks, limiting opportunities for microbial

infestation and possible tank corrosion

•  Help prevent fuel line freeze-up of fuel filter icing by depressing the freeze point of any free water

•  Minimize emergency “no heat” service calls, reducing the heating oil distributor’s service costs and improving customer loyalty

Recommended Dosage

Comfort Zone® 8912 is recommended for use at 1 gallon per 5,000 gallons of #2 heating oil (200 ppm). In hot, humid conditions, a double dose may be used.


Typical Characteristics

Appearance   Clear brown liquid

Density, lbs/gal.   7.11

Specific Gravity @ 77°F/25°C  1.275

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: Please inquire

Shelf Life: 24 months

Contact Information

Email: info@mymidwestgroup.com

Midco Lubricants: 815-229-3150

Fax: 815-229-9874

Comfort Zone® 8912 Heating Oil Additive

Prolongs the Storage Stability of Heating Oil and Reduces Fuel System Corrosion

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