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Midco HydraLube FR

Midco HydraLube FR          #8477

Fire Resistant and Readily Biodegradable AW Hydraulic fluid

Product Description

Midco HydraLube FR is a premium fully synthetic, readily biodegradable AW hydraulic fluid that is also fire resistant. Utilizing the most advanced synthetic ester base fluids and additive chemistry, Midco HydraLube FR provides exceptional equipment protection and extends equipment life. This biodegradable, non-toxic product delivers superior oxidation and thermal performance. It offers excellent anti-wear protection for both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems operating in environmentally conscious areas. The robust additive package also improves demulsification, corrosion protection, hydrolytic stability and greatly reduces foaming. The synthetic ester base fluids used in Midco HydraLube FR improved biodegradability versus conventional base oils and white oils commonly used in environmentally sensitive products. It also provides greatly improved thermal and hydrolytic stability over triglycerides (vegetable oils). Broader operating temperature ranges and extended drains can be realized over almost all conventional and triglyceride based fluids. Midco HydraLube FR is suitable for use in hydraulic systems requiring a premium, biodegradable fire resistant fluid. It meets the performance requirements of many hydraulic and servo valve OEMs and it is also well suited for gears and bearings requiring mild EP protection. Agriculture, forestry, mining, dredging, off-shore platforms, tunneling, waste management and many other industries with environmental contamination sensitivities will benefit from the use of this product.

Limits wear in low and high pressure vane and piston pumps for longer pump life and reduced operating cost. Provides wear control for steel, brass and bronze pump parts resulting in excellent pump protection and longer equipment life. Can be used in both mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment giving service flexibility and minimized lubricant inventory. Special rust and corrosion inhibitors limit rusting of ferrous metals and corrosion of yellow metals. Environmentally friendly to meet governmental regulations on hydraulic fluids used in construction near a water source. This readily biodegradable, non-toxic product delivers superior oxidation and thermal performance. Extremely high flash point provides fire resistance in case of hydraulic system leak. NOTE: Midco HydraLube FR is a special order product. Allow extra lead time.

Service Applications

AIST (US Steel) 127, 136 Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70 DIN 51524 Parts 1 and 2Vickers I-286-S Vickers  M-2950-Biodegradability OECD 301B <28 days (ASTM D5864) “Readily Biodegradable”  Typical  Properties::

ISO Viscosity Grade         32            46          68

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt     32.9         47.7      66.1

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt   6.8            9.7         12.5


Viscosity Index 175

Pour Point, °F (°C)     -37 (-35)   -40 (-40)  -15 (-24)

Flash Point, °F (°C)          550 (288)      595 (314)     608 (320)

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C/60°F    0.903    0.922    0.925   Rust, ASTM D665B Pass Copper Corrosion, D 130 FZG, Last Pass Stage 12Oxidation Stability, D943 Dry Pass

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