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Midco Lubricants Boron Absorption Process


Midco Lubricants, a MW Group company, provides lubricants to the Industrial and Automotive Industries. Founders and developers of lubricant enhancements such as PolyX, T.O.S., PerformX fuel treatments, and more have placed this silent company into the Next Generation of lubricants. The latest advancement has been with its Boration Absorption technology. Already used in Midco’s advanced technology formulation for engine oils and gear oil lubricants, Midco has developed the absorption process that is sure to put Midwest Converters of Rockford, IL. at the front of torque converter manufacturing.


Boron is a chemical element with chemical symbol B and atomic number 5. Boron is extremely rare, and unlike most other chemical elements, it is not found on earth in its pure form. It is only found mixed into or with other elements and must be extracted or processed out. Boron is seldom used in this state and is converted into other usable forms such as Boric Acid, Borax, etc. This said, the form Midco Lubricants uses is a closely held secret process developed for use in lubricants. Without disclosing Midco’s classified processes we would like to share some details about Midco’s Boration Absorption Process and how it relates to, in this case, torque converters. As known to those in the torque converter industry, bearing failure is one of the leading causes of converter failure. Midco has developed and used a process for any bearing to be treated by submerging it into a boron containing solution. Because of the type of boron solution being used the solution can be electrically charged with a positive current and the bearings charged with a negative current. As the process begins the current is phased at different frequencies for a pre-determined amount of time. The bearing material, in most cases 52100 steel, absorbs the boron molecules into the carbon molecules surface where together they form a new harder wear resistant surface. This process was nearly impossible until Midco Lubricants developed it in 2006. The absorption of the boron can be verified by the increase of an average bearing in weight of about .00035 grains and then removed from the solution. To give you some perspective on the weight of 1 grain we provided you with the chart below.


1 grain = 64.8 milligrams


1 milligram = 1/1,000,000 kilogram = 1/1,000 gram or = 0.015 grain


This process will reduce wear and increase bearing load capacity making the finished torque converter truly a Premium Converter unavailable anywhere. It can also be used on transmission pump gears, planetary gear sets and other transmission and engine components. It cannot be used on magnesium parts.


For more information about treating your bearings or about our converters please call us at 1-800-554-2668 Or visit us online at www.mymidwestgroup.com

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