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Midwest Racing Converters

Midwest Power

Midwest Power


Midwest Racing Converters

is a full line manufacturer of Racing Converters, Converter parts and RV, Truck and performance oriented vehicles. Midwest builds “PERFORMANCE” TORQUE CONVERTERS not ” POORFORMANCE”

Midwest Racing Converters are custom built to your cars exact specifications. Midwest uses the industries only “Lifetime Warranty”stator and sprag combination. Made by Midwest using GEN III STEEL, the strongest Super Alloy Steel available. Our sprag assemblies are unbreakable, guaranteed! Click here for more information about or GEN III Steel.

Midwest also has released a new designed converter. The UltraDamper Converter. The UltraDamper Converter contains billet front cover contains a viscous fluid damper to control torsionally induced vibrations. Click here for more info.

Torsional Vibration Damage

Worn Pump Gear from Torsional Vibration

Damage Converter Hub

Damaged Torque Converter Hub From Torsional Vibration

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Revised 2015 Press Release


The Midwest Torsional Vibration Damper

Integrated within a Torque Converter.


Due to the nature of torque converters, having no mechanical link between the input and output shafts, fluid dampers integrated with-in a torque converters provide crucial torsional damping.


This is a condensed version of the research and development of the single most important device manufactured for a racing automatic transmission with big power in the last 30 plus years.

Torsional Vibration, TV for short, is the largest enemy of any rotating machine. Without controlling TV, it will destroy the machine, such as an engine or transmission. You would never run an engine without a system to control, absorb and disperse Torsional Vibration produced by the combustion cycle inside an engine. These TV’s are caused by torque induced into the rotating assembly. Because the torque changes every time a cylinder fires, excitation or a twisting motion is transferred to the crankshaft. Torsional Vibration of an engine is controlled by a harmonic damper to absorb and control this action.

In regards to the transmission, the greater the torque input, the higher the induced TV can be observed. Torque delivered by the torque converter to the transmission creates Torsional Vibration as a result of many mechanical influences. These influences being, but not limited to; impulses from the compression and release of oil pressure from the front transmission pump, planetary gear sets, clutch plate engagements, input shaft deflection and poor axial alignments. Great efforts have been made in pump designs, shaft designs, material choices, gear configurations and more. As I said at the beginning, this is a condensed version of our 1800 plus page analysis and patented pending design damper. Midwest Converters of Rockford, Illinois, has designed an Integrated High viscosity fluid type damper that reduces Torsional Vibration damage to these components listed above. Many attempts have been made by the OEM’s to reduce this destructive force since the first development of the fluid coupler, the predecessor to the torque converter, since the mid 1940’s. Different spring type damper devices, rubber mounts, etc, have been employed to eliminate damaging torsional vibration with limited results. One problem is the OEM’s had no idea the damage that could occur when engines were turning in excess of 8000 RPM’s, producing 2500 plus horsepower and 1400 ft lbs of torque. Automatic transmission fluid inside a torque converter, due to the inertia of the fluid, does not allow the fluid to dampen Torsional Vibration. Therefore, a torsional damper should be included in the design for any racing application.

The first step to solving any problem is you have to identify the cause of the problem completely. Solving the problem is to eliminate the cause. This may be simply said, but is much harder to achieve. We know the cause, how do we eliminate it? We start with the simple understanding of Newton’s Law; “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every backwards twist or compression of the transmissions components, such as the transmission pump, there is an equal forward motion upon decompression. This cycle happens 20 to 30 times per engine revolution setting up a harmonic resonance or vibration that is sent throughout the drive train and back into the engines crankshaft. It can be measured as far back as the differential, although quite minute. The Midwest Ultra Damper Converter contains an integrated damper within the torque converter front cover that absorbs vibrations by implementing a rotating inertia mass encompassed by a special high stability viscosity fluid. The energy the damper absorbs is converted to heat and removed from the torque converter as passing airflow expels it.

An added source of vibration is turbulence. Torque converters produce to internal turbulence experience inefficiencies do to internal turbulence. In addition to frictional losses, torque converters suffer from turbulence and fluid flow interference generated by the stator. These effects are typically minimized, though not eliminated, by mounting the stator on a one-way roller clutch or element sprag. This allows the stator to rotate freely during the coupling phase where the turbine speed has reached approximately ninety percent of the pump speed. This explains why a spragless converter equipped car runs slower (MPH) than one equipped with a sprag. However, most of the loss is due to the curved and angled turbine blades, which do not absorb kinetic energy from the fluid, as well as straight radial blades. Since the turbine blade geometry is a crucial factor in the converter’s ability to multiply torque, trade-offs between torque multiplication and coupling efficiency are inevitable. For more information and performance data about sprag and spragless stators read our separate article found on our web site.

What may this mean to you? It simply means reduction of wear on the transmission and engine, while producing a smoother vibration free rotating converter assembly while increasing horsepower.

This damper is only available from Midwest on the Pro Series 8 inch, 9 inch, 10 and 10.5 inch torque converters, and may be equipped with a steel or aluminum stator, sprag or spragless, and includes the only lifetime warranty in the business.


We cannot save the world, but we can help save your motor and transmission.


Midwest Converters in Rockford, Illinois.

1-800-554-2668 or www.racec



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